Holy Heart

Following your heart sounds like a fairytale, well dear one, I'm sorry to break the news, but it ain't. It sure as hell isn't always fun. In fact it sometimes scares the crap out of me 'cause I need to dig deeper into my pain, wounds & self, knowing my worth and standing my ground. That feels naked and very vunerable. It leads me to the most beautiful places and people. It shows me how true unconditional and radical (self)love was meant to be in the first place. (and that's is so amazing, I haven't found the right words yet to come even close to explan how that geels) It asked me to let go of almost everything I knew and once believed in. Men oh men, sometimes it get's oh so messy..... 

So I praise and salute you for following your heart, for doing the heart (&hard) work and feeling like sh*t sometimes, picking up yourselves and live your brightest life❤️
#imwithyou #yougotthis #andsometimesyoudont #whocares#followyourheart 




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